MMC creates marketing strategies

Are you ready to scale up? We’ll work with you to produce and execute a bespoke marketing strategy that generates leads and produces demonstrable revenue and business growth.

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“Without MMC, we could not have achieved in 3 years what we have in 9 months. We consider them to be part of the Simpsons Malt family – our Marketing Team if you will.”
Richard Simpson, Vice Chairman | Simpsons Malt

MMC runs effective marketing campaigns

We’re a commercial marketing agency, which means we’re all about metrics and we’re all about transparency.

We apply our years of experience and creative thinking to each of your campaigns. And add our proven understanding of how to choose the right message for the right channel.

We’ll connect you with people we know can help to grow your business. And, because every marketing campaign we create is measurable, we’ll demonstrate the results we achieve for you on a weekly or monthly basis.

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"MMC came on board our rapidly growing business, quickly got to grips with our offering, core messages, and market, and produced and implemented a global marketing strategy that has helped us deliver powerful messages to our target audience on both sides of the Atlantic. They have a strong team with experience marketing software around the globe, which means they’re always one step ahead of us. We class MMC as an integral part of the Inflo team."
Mark Edmondson, President & CEO | Inflo

MMC generates warm leads

Frustrated by your current marketing efforts? Know you could be getting better results with better, warmer and more relevant leads? We’ll help you develop buyer personas that will get the right message to the right people at the right time.

We’ll help you generate new business and work with you to convert your existing leads into new customers – and new sales. From content marketing campaigns to conversion emails, we’ll develop the messaging that will attract and engage your ideal customers.

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“MMC became instantly committed to helping me grow my business and went over and above what I expected to make sure I was provided with a comprehensive and achievable plan for lead generation.”
Louise Kennedy, Managing Director | Oculus HR

MMC promotes business relationships

We’ll clarify your business message, so your audience will know exactly what you do and why you’re the company to work with. We’ll introduce you to our network, making connections and joining the dots. And with our global marketing experience, we’ll guide your growth into new markets, sectors and countries.

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"The innovative business model that MMC offers means that we get the same experience we'd expect from hiring a permanent in house marketing director, we get the benefit of one person managing many."
Ian Brown, Managing Director | Excelpoint

Meet your marketing team

Do you need us to lead your in-house marketing team? Would you like a mentor for your junior team members? Or are you ready to outsource your marketing? When you’re ready to scale up, we’re here to help.

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“MMC has brought our culture and opportunities to life through their creative approach to marketing and really helped us stand out as an employer of choice in a very competitive market. And because they’re so committed to our success and always available when we need marketing advice, MMC really is an extension of the Saggezza team – and a highly valued one at that!”
Lucy Harber, HR & Operations Manager | Saggezza