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A trap that many companies can fall into is wooing and courting a new business deal until it comes on board, and then dropping the wooing as fast as you can say ‘docusign’ – once they sign on the dotted line that is!

Chances are when talking to a new B2B potential client, they tell me that a lot of their historical business comes from word of mouth or referrals.

The reason they’re often wanting to do marketing, or get a marketing strategy put into place is to attract strangers rather than purely relying on recommendations.


By MMC Associate, Bernice Saltzer…For most people, differentiating between marketing, advertising and PR is often a problem.
For most people, differentiating between marketing, advertising and PR is often a problem.
When I’m asked about the difference, I find the best way is to tell them the following joke…


Last Thursday evening I was lucky enough to attend one of the region’s Northern Stars event, run by Tech North.

The idea behind Northern Stars is that digital start-ups were invited to enter a competition – taking place in Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Sunderland.

My favourite time of year is nearly upon us. Why Autumn? Well it stems from literally ‘growing up’ and carving out my career in the marketing events business…I have enjoyed plenty of years marketing events all spring and summer ready for the last push to get bums on seats in the Autumn.

I’ll no doubt cover hints and tips on event and conference marketing on my future blogs, but for now I’ll focus on one of the region’s largest events – mostly aimed at SMEs – the North East Expo. This November, it’s in conjunction with Manufex.

When I decided to do a rebrand and launch of McDonough Marketing Communications, I needed to not only find the right design agency to create it for me, but I also needed to figure out what my core brand values were and how I wanted them to come to life.