Market Research

We don’t like to make assumptions.

As researchers, we don’t like to make assumptions, but we suspect that you find yourself here because you have a question that you need answering and you’re not sure where to start. That’s where we come in.

Our market research services provide you with the data and insights you need to ensure you feel informed and confident when making bold decisions to optimise the way you do business or work with stakeholders.

Whether you want to know how a product or brand concept is received by the general public, what your stakeholders think of your working relationship, or how likely your customers are to recommend your services, we can investigate to find out the answers and provide you with a thorough understanding as to why that particular audience feels the way they do.

Always a bespoke solution

Our approach to any project is always individually tailored to your business needs. For us, there’s no one size fits all approach; each project requires a different conversation, and we like to learn as much as possible about your organisation and your requirements to inform our market research strategy.

We never do research for research’s sake – we always make sure there’s substance to everything we do.


Deliberate and methodical in our approach

We’re deliberate and methodical in our approach, to ensure we’re utilising the research audience’s time efficiently and effectively, and to ensure we’re maximising the results you can get with your available budget, without feeling like you’re compromising on value!

We’re not afraid to ask the difficult questions. We find that having an external and independent researcher leading on conversations with customers or stakeholders often facilitates more honest exchanges, allowing us to uncover the real truth that’s driving perceptions and behaviours.


Providing you with strong foundations

We’re also unafraid when it comes to having a potentially awkward conversation when we have to tell you that the market research findings haven’t confirmed your suspicions and your audience has different ideas than you do. However, that’s why research is so important! Only by conducting research do you secure the strong foundations you need in order to grow a successful business

“The team at MMC Research & Marketing is knowledgeable and efficient, making them the perfect partner because they can be trusted to complete the project without any handholding from our side. They are very respectful of our time when internal input and sign-off is required, and scheduled meetings always have a focused agenda.”

Michele Gettins

Chief Marketing Officer, iamproperty

Market research is our business!

Market research is our business, meaning we don’t expect you to know if you want to use qualitative or quantitative research techniques, or if you’ll need to source data from primary or secondary sources.

That’s our job!

All we need to know from you is your research question and we’ll propose the best way to go about finding out the answer. Depending on your objectives, budget and timescales, we’ll recommend innovative research techniques, or stick with the more traditional research methods.

Perfecting partnerships

Even though we don’t expect you to know what research methodology suits your requirements, if you do, that’s great! Sometimes clients come to us because they want to repeat a previous study but they’re not keen on using their previous supplier. We’re always happy to provide a quote for replicating a past project too.

We know it’s not always easy to find the right company to partner with, and that’s why we always strive to work in the way that you want us to. Take a look at our values and what makes us tick! We have clients who don’t like to hear from us after the kick-off meeting until the findings are ready to be reviewed; others prefer to have weekly catch-up calls or email updates. Whatever your preference, that’s fine by us.

“Not only did we receive fascinating quotes and insights, we also welcomed the strategic recommendations on how to take the research forward.”

Ellen Thinnesen

Chief Executive, Education Partnership North East

Curious? We are…

Our passionately curious team at MMC Research & Marketing can’t wait to hear from you. Get started today by contacting us with your research question!