Does your marketing have the “so what?” factor?

When you own or work for a business, the benefits you bring to your clients or customers are obvious to you.

You spend every day delivering value through your products or services, and it’s clear why people should want to get in touch or place an order. 

This can become a big problem when you’re marketing your business, when it’s easy to forget that all the value you bring to the table isn’t self-evident. 

The result? 

Your marketing falls on deaf ears and you’re left scratching your head wondering why no one wants to buy from you.

Luckily, there’s a simple question you can ask to make sure your marketing efforts always hit the mark with your target audience: does it have the “so what?” factor?

Why should I care?

Put yourself in your ideal client or customer’s shoes and then read that webpage, tweet, or brochure again. 

Be honest – would it leave them asking “so what?”. 

“We have over a decade of in-house experience”. 

So what? How will that benefit me?

“We always put our customers first”.

So what? You’d be out of business if you didn’t.

“We get the work done on time and within budget”.

So what? That’s the bare minimum of what I’d be paying you to do. 

Your phone buzzes… 

You just received two texts at the same time – one from Andy and one from Zach:

It’s pretty obvious where you’ll be this Saturday, but so many businesses try and sell their product or services like Andy tries to sell his party. They think its value is plain for everyone to see – that it needs no explanation.  

But if your competition knows how to sell things like Zach, there’s only one place your customers’ money is going.

Even if your product or service is leagues better than your competitors’, you’re fighting a losing battle if you don’t know how to get the word out.

How to make sure your marketing has the “so what?” factor

The first step in injecting a healthy dose of “so what?” into your marketing is finding out what your customers really care about

You might think you know exactly what matters to your customers, but in our experience, you might be surprised. 

Imagine an online store that thinks its customers shop with them for the generous returns policy, but they actually only care about next-day delivery. 

While they should be making waves about their delivery, they spend valuable marketing budget shouting about their returns policy, missing out on countless customers as a result.

(By the way, we can help you find out what your customers really care about through market research).

Once you know what matters to your customers, it’s time to start bringing that out across all your marketing materials

Make sure every bit of marketing you put out hits on the benefits that matter to your target audience. 

To make sure it’s hitting the mark, simply put it through the “so what?” test. Is it clear and obvious why a potential customer or client should care? 

What does the “so what?” factor look like?

Basecamp’s website is a great example of the “so what?” factor in action: 

At the top of its homepage, Basecamp defines the problem its users have and promises to solve it.

The message is simple and effective – if you’re feeling overwhelmed by to-dos and unable to get a hold on any of your projects, Basecamp is the solution. 

The homepage of Traffic Think Tank’s website is another great example:

A major pain point for Traffic Think Tank’s target audience is that they have no way of reliably finding tested SEO strategies and techniques from legitimate experts. 

As you can see, its homepage is built around addressing this issue and then positioning its service as the solution.

The result? A homepage that has you asking “why am I just hearing about this now?”, not “so what?”.

Make sure your marketing cuts through the noise by keeping the “so what?” factor front of mind every step of the way. Of course, we understand that taking a step back and looking at your marketing through objective eyes is easier said than done. So if you’d like help making sure all of your marketing has the “so what?” factor, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.