Hello Sunderland Software Centre

Not even a year up and running and we’re now a permanent resident within the Sunderland Software Centre. The Software Centre has been the home of our Monthly Marketing Surgeries for several months now, and with some great contacts and good pals within the Software Centre, it was the perfect place to transition from Natasha working in her attic room office, to virtual business centre to an actual office!

Time for expansion

Opening up an office at the Software Centre means that the business is able to start building a in-house team to work alongside Natasha and her Associate team of digital and branding experts.

“Having taken on 3 new clients in the month of March, it was great to go into April with a space to invite them to for strategy sessions and meetings. There are also terrific meeting spaces within the building itself – all great for running marketing strategy sessions and brainstorming. It’s all very state of the art, and what with giant computer screens around my desk, super fast internet and lots of space to spread out and write on walls, I’m in my element and working very effectively! The staff within the centre were also incredibly helpful and encouraging when it came to moving in – they certainly gave me the support and guidance I needed to make this leap and I haven’t looked back” says Natasha McDonough