Love thy Customer

Love thy Customer

A trap that many companies can fall into is wooing and courting a new business deal until it comes on board, and then dropping the wooing as fast as you can say ‘docusign’ – once they sign on the dotted line that is!

Of course, you provide great service, you provide the products they ordered and at the price they agreed and you communicate with them each day/week/month.

However are you still marketing to them? And if you are, are you still sending them the same newsletters, email messages or flyers that you’re also sending prospects? (Please say no here!).

How to market to your customers

I have a very strong theory on how to market to your customers, in that you need to continue to market your company to them once they start working with you. I don’t mean sending them information on how great your products or services are. The messages should be all about helping them and reinstating why they chose to work with you in the first place. You need to live up to their expectation of being a great service provider or product.

They’re using your service or product because they believe in you and your brand. They took your advice and they trusted you. Now keep instilling that trust, keep helping them with their depth of knowledge and buddy-up to them.

Delight them

How about…

  • Providing blogs or articles on subjects that are pertinent to their day jobs – information that will help them with the day to day running of their business perhaps or information on how to use the product they have bought
  • Providing them with offers that are specific to the kind of products they typically buy
  • Helping them – providing user guides, focus groups, demos or webinars
  • Sending topical and timely gifts – Christmas, Birthdays, etc
  • Visiting them, listening to their needs and serve up marketing content and materials that will continue to help them in their day jobs or help them to understand why they choose you in the first place

Also, remember to engage constantly with them on social media campaigns too. Such a huge opportunity that often gets missed. Retweet their tweets, comment on their blogs, their linkedin posts and generally engage with them in the public domain too. It shows that you’re a true partner and on their side, which is where any good supplier should be.

Most of all, show the love! Your customer should mean just as much to you as the initial high you got when they first agreed to partner with you. Don’t lose that early days ‘courting’ buzz!