Rebrand or Remain?

And no, we’re not talking about that recent remain campaign.

We’re talking about branding, and whether you should update yours.

Your company’s branding is more than just some Pantone colours on page, it’s an expression of your whole business, something that represents you at a glance, and the thing that enables customers to differentiate you from your competitors. In other words, it’s a big deal.

Here’s some things to consider to help you decide whether to ‘rebrand or remain’:

Has there been a change in your proposition or your values?

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons to initiate a rebrand is if the business itself has seen significant changes.

Have you launched a new product range and discontinued others? Have the core values of the business changed? Are you focusing on a different target audience?

Companies have to adapt to succeed, and so it may be that you’ve overhauled your whole business; in which case you probably need to take a fresh look at your branding.

Are you attracting the right customers?

Every business has a target audience for its products or services, an ideal customer that they want to attract so as to generate the most sales.

A good way to measure whether your current branding is working is whether it is actually attracting those ideal customers or not. If you find that it isn’t, it could be a good time to really take an impartial look at your branding, your logo, your visual aesthetic, and consider who it appeals to.

A big thing here is, unless you are part of your target demographic, take yourself and your preferences out of the equation as much as possible. You need to create a brand your customers want, not one that suits your personal tastes.

Are you updating other elements of your marketing?

We work with a lot of clients who want to update their website, refresh their social media and put a real boost behind their marketing, and this can often spark the question of whether a total rebrand is necessary.

Seeing a shiny new website with the same tired old logo can sometimes help you see how much your branding has dated, and it might be a good opportunity to revamp everything at the same time so as to present your new brand to your customers in one strong relaunch, rather than a bit at a time.

Are you prepared for the costs, and the implications?

Rebranding isn’t quite as simple as uploading a new profile pic and waiting for the new customers to roll in – it’s a long and often costly process.

To rebrand properly, you need to rebrand everything. That’s not just your website and your cover photo on Facebook, but changes to all aspects of your business and marketing that use visuals or include your logo. That might be company literature, business cards, graphics, signage, merchandise – if it’s got your name on it, it needs to change.

That’s the only way to ensure that the rebrand has the biggest and best impact, to maintain consistency, and also avoid any confusion amongst customers about who you are and what your brand identity is.

If you know deep down that rebranding is the best option for your company – and that failing to do so could result in losing customers, or falling behind in the market as competitors update themselves and move past you – then don’t let the potential cost be a barrier, figure out a way around it. All we’re saying is that it shouldn’t be a flippant decision, and all of the ramifications should be considered before going ahead.

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