Lead Generation


Generate new leads and convert your existing leads into sales.

There’s a chance for so much activity and opportunity to take place within sales and marketing funnels but opportunities can often be neglected due to time, lack of resource, confidence or understanding of the buyer’s needs and their stage in their buying process.

It often takes many touchpoints to convert a lead into a sale and the strategy and campaigns McDonough Marketing Communications puts into place for you, will all be created in a way to logically and efficiently convert leads into sales.

Once new leads are created, we’ll be using many of our content and email marketing campaign tactics to convert them into warmer leads who are ready to purchase.

If you have a sales team in place, we’ll provide them with sales ready leads and we’ll work with them to show the science behind the marketing. We’ll also provide them with their own sales materials and provide coaching and support on how to convert them.

And if you don’t have a sales team in place, we’ll use our MMC Sales Associate who will become your sales team who will:

  • Handle all inbound and outbound leads
  • Create meetings
  • Run demos (ideal for software companies)
  • Do sales presentations
  • Create pipeline
  • Close sales into revenue through conversations and meetings

We’ll get you excited about your prospects, leads and marketing tactics and we’ll ignite your passion to turn them into sales!

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