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Funded Market Research for Startups

There’s nothing more exhilarating than having that spark of an idea for a business, especially for a new product. Entrepreneurs will usually run their ideas past family, friends, business associates, who will all nod in agreement or be a critical friend, but there might always be that nagging doubt for an entrepreneur until the product is tested in its marketplace.

Market research does just that.

It can test and gather unbiased data from potential customers through surveys (quantitative research) or through interviews and focus groups (qualitative research).

It can also provide information on market size, scope and suss out what the competition is doing well and not so well.

For startups and small businesses, finding extra budget for market research is often a challenge, especially in today’s environment, and that’s why MMC has partnered with funding providers to provide fully-funded market research and marketing strategy support.

If you’re keen to find out answers to burning questions about your market, or want to find out what your customers think, please reach out to who will introduce you to our funding partners.

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