MMC Research & Marketing provides meaningful and actionable research that can help transform the way you work with your customers, staff and stakeholders.

The insights we find out for you will not just tell you what people think but also why they think it.

Our approach uses traditional methods and then adds a deeper level of exploration to really help you change or improve behaviour and perceptions.

And we don’t stop there, we help you communicate the insights too. We don’t just provide research for research sake, we help you interpret the findings, show the meaning and provide advice on how to action the results!

“When we asked MMC to produce market research for us they completely surpassed our expectations”.
Billy Webber, Chief Operating Officer at Sunderland Software City

MMC were exceptionally personable, professional and quickly grasped the complexities and sensitivities of the task and delivered an excellent outcome which will go far in assisting the region to shape a new direction for transport.”
Helen Mathews, Head of Corporate Planning, Nexus

Market Research Services

Focus Groups

We moderate group discussions between your target market that promote the cross pollination of ideas and reveal unique insights into your target audience and their buying behaviours.


Calling on over 25 years of research experience, we will guide an existing or potential client through a one-on-one interview that will reveal detailed insights into your target audiences' thought patterns and buying behaviours.


We run large-scale surveys into your industry that will capture unique insights into the attitudes and behaviours your target customers share. This will give you the breadth to go alongside the depth you'll get from the results generated by focus groups and interviews.


Ethnography reveals in-depth insight into your target customer through observation, rather than direct discussion or a survey. This kind of research is especially effective at uncovering insights into how people interact with physical items and environments, such as a new product or store layout.