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“MMC worked with us on a new venture for New Results Training – a series of webinars based on LinkedIn. The team was excellent in helping us put together a plan of what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and what to say – all pretty darn important.
When you are trying something new, it’s good to have someone who knows their 'stuff', and MMC fit the bill perfectly. The team’s communication and support with us was excellent and we’re looking forward to working with them again on our next series of webinars.”
Nicola Tynemouth, Director, New Results

New Results


New Results specialises in sales and business development strategies, coaching, and training and development courses.

The company is also home to the author of Sales Success on LinkedIn, and they run a number of successful physical LinkedIn events.

The Work

Our initial market research revealed that webinars presented a great opportunity for New Results Training to:

  • Build brand awareness in their market
  • Position themselves as LinkedIn experts – the ‘go-to’ people to generate new leads and stimulate existing leads
  • Provide rich content for their email marketing and social media feeds
  • Generate revenue through more book sales and paid webinars

We created a marketing strategy that was focussed on helping the company get more people signed up to a series of webinars the company was planning on producing. This provided a template for the current series and a blueprint for any future webinars.

We also advised New Results on where and when to spread to the word about their webinars for the best results. This digital marketing strategy included email marketing to the company’s existing database and paid and organic social media activity.

All communications had a clear message and a compelling call to action to help increase conversions. We split-test different copy within emails to ensure we were pushing out the strongest message to potential delegates for the bets possible results.

The Results

As a result of our marketing efforts, every webinar in the series got fully booked. This generated several new leads for New Results and some fantastic feedback on the content.

This campaign also helped New Results determine the most effective marketing channels for their target audience for future content marketing. We measured these results in a report the company can use to inform their future marketing efforts.