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"MMC helped OPI prepare for a significant client presentation in Brussels. We wanted the presentation to stand out and to cover all our business offerings at a high level whilst remaining engaging. Natasha made the presentation work by providing a strategic understanding of all of our products, and turning that into a storyboard to explain exactly what we wanted to get across, in an innovative way.”
Steve Hilleard, CEO, Office Products International



OPI is the leading global office product industry’s ‘go-to’ hub for news, analysis, resources, events, information and networking. Established in 1991 and head quartered in Farringdon, London, OPI delivers information through its magazine, website, supplement, App, events and resources.

The Work

MMC was used to decipher and illustrate a complex offering of services into an innovative, easy to understand corporate presentation. OPI had seen Prezi used before at many of their US conferences and felt that it was the ideal tool to run one of their own presentations.

The Results

By using Prezi, we were able to highlight key clients and testimonials, as well as zoom into parts of the website and play videos where more detail was needed.

The cloud-based presentation tool helped break down complex messages by using innovative ways to highlight key words, without weighing the audience down with bullet points. As Prezi is cloud-based, it could be used at any client location through connecting with wi-fi. It could also be easily adapted by sales executives on the go and used through their phones, tablets or desktops, or simply by sending the customer a link to a recording.