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Owben Ltd


Owben is an electrical and mechanical engineering contractor based in the North East. A highly experienced team, they specialise in electrical mechanical installation and fabrication, commercial and industrial electrical installation and technical engineering. 

Owben has worked with some of the world’s most well known names including Nissan and TATA Steel. They have been growing at an impressive rate year on year both in terms of the scope of projects and employment.

Owben’s website was dated and did not showcase their services or experience. Owben was recommended to MMC to explore marketing options. 

Our work

Our work with Owben began with a qualitative research project in which we interviewed Nissan engineers who had worked directly with Owben to find out what their experience had been of working with the team. From there, we conducted desk-based research into Owben’s market opportunities. 

We then used our findings to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy which was well received by the Board of Directors and agreement for MMC to implement the strategy. 

We redesigned Owben’s website alongside Courage Design, through introducing iconography and brand colours. We also commissioned professional photos to bring their services to life.

Since the launch of the website, we have been supporting Owben with content marketing, blogs, articles for publications and running their social media accounts.

We’ve also supported them with relationships including the North East Automotive Alliance. 

The results 

We were able to combine both our skills as market researchers, marketing strategists and content marketing professionals to gain insights, create an evidence-based strategy and roll out campaigns.

Within a month, we grew Owben’s online presence and began building brand awareness through regular Twitter and Linkedin posts. Twitter Analytics indicated that the number of people who were engaging with the Twitter profile had increased by over 2500% between July and August 2019 due to kick starting campaigns again after a dormant existence.