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"It's great to work with someone who is just as passionate about growing People Gauge as I am and it certainly feels like Natasha is really part of the People Gauge team. She always provides commercial evidence for all of the marketing we do and ensures we get the very best results from everything.
Natasha has made sure that she 'gets' what Employee Engagement is all about, from the underlying theories and principles to the actual mechanics of how our surveys, systems and reports work - this really comes across in the content marketing she produces. To have someone that appreciates exactly what and why we do what we do, combined with her experience in marketing a B2B software product is fabulous for us - she is a huge asset to our business.
I'd have no hesitation in recommending MMC to any other growing software business."
Maggie Pavlou, Founder, People Gauge

People Gauge


People Gauge is a cloud-based software that provides employee engagement surveys for businesses and schools that want to understand how actively engaged their employees, students, or parents are.

People Gauge has a number of high-profile customers including Newcastle International Airport, Esh Group, Unipress, and Parkdean.

As part of People Gauge’s growth plans, MMC was used for larger marketing projects as well as regular retained marketing services.

The Work

It was important for People Gauge to have access to their own ‘marketing person’, so our MD Natasha became part of the People Gauge team and was passionate about driving the business forward and seeing the results.

MMC provided People Gauge with marketing strategy and guidance as well as planning and implementing marketing services such as:

  • Blog planning and writing
  • Website content management
  • Partner/reseller marketing
  • Written communications
  • Digital marketing mix

The Results

In MMC, People Gauge had the someone on its team that ‘gets’ the People Gauge product and the subject matter of employee engagement. It meant that while the marketing was taking place, People Gauge could get the space and opportunity to grow the business both through its direct customers and Partner Programme.