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"Natasha was my mentor when I won the Sheila McKechnie Foundation Campaign Award for Transport. She gave me great communication and marketing advice including the use of social media to increase the visibility of campaigning activities. Natasha is approachable, inspiring and very knowledgeable. She can create quickly an environment of trust where ideas can be developed and creativity stimulated."
Claire Prospert, Campaign Manager, Newcastle Cycling Campaign



SMK was established in 2005 to help develop a new generation of campaigners. It was set up in memory of Dame Sheila McKechnie and is entirely dedicated to helping campaigners creative positive and lasting social change.

The Work

MMC worked as a Campaign Coach via SMK and coached one of the founders of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign to improve the provision of cycling within Newcastle City Centre.

Over a series of eight coaching sessions, we helped Claire Prospert, the campaign’s founder, become more positive about ways in which to promote the campaign. We helped her think more strategically about her campaign communications, especially around promoting to significant stakeholders, including the council, authorities, schools, businesses and the general public.

The Results

Through eight marketing coaching sessions delivered by our MD Natasha as a SMK Campaign Coach, the campaign team was able to put measurable milestones into place and start tracking key actions to ensure success.

This gave Newcastle Cycling Campaign members the confidence to communicate their beliefs and understand what tactics are best suited to various audiences, rather than trying to use one message to fit all.

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