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Due diligence ahead of software acquisition

Not only did the insights [from MMC] tell our client what customers thought, it was also full of useful recommendations to take forward once the acquisition completed.​

Our consideration to partner with MMC also came out of having witnessed MMC in action on the other side of the fence when another one of our clients was being acquired. The MMC team were efficient, tactful and professional. ​

I'd certainly recommend any business that is looking to merge with or acquire another business to get this level of customer insights. 
Rhiannon Nightingale, Ryecroft Glenton


A client of Ryecroft Glenton had identified a possible software solution to acquire and MMC Research & Marketing were contacted because we had worked together on a project of a similar nature the previous year. The end client wanted to be sure that this acquisition was the right decision for their company moving forward, and they wished to understand current customer opinions, as well as areas for improvement should the acquisition go ahead.


MMC Research & Marketing conducted virtual in-depth interviews with five of the software solution’s customers. Interview length was limited to 30 minutes to encourage participation and customers were offered a selection of interview dates and times to ensure it was convenient for them.

A topic guide was designed to direct the conversation which covered areas such as general opinions of the software solution, user experience and areas for improvement, and the extent to which the software is embedded within the running of their organisation.

A thematic Word report was produced which also contained anonymised quotes supporting the identified themes. The report began with an Executive Summary which clearly stated our recommendations regarding the acquisition and a top-level summary as to why.


The due diligence carried out by MMC Research & Marketing allowed the end client to confidently move ahead with their acquisition of the software solution. The research provided a clear understanding of the pros and cons, together with a priority list of areas to improve once the acquisition was finalised.


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