Close up of a woman's hand wearing a digital medical ring and red nail varnish

Product concept testing research

"The team at MMC Research & Marketing were a delight to work with. We had calls to discuss the premise for the research and they worked closely with us to change the survey positioning as our research objectives evolved. ​

​The report they produced was extremely useful to aid in our product development discussions. Affotek has also found their summary and interpretation of the findings extremely useful."
Chennakesavalu Rajagopal, Founder, Affotek


Affotek produce innovative and affordable wearable medical technology to detect a range of conditions and health issues, and were even chosen to showcase at VentureFest NE.

While considering broadening their product offering with non-medical wearable devices (wearables), which could still be used by individuals to monitor their health, Affotek commissioned MMC Research & Marketing to conduct market research to gauge perceptions towards an innovative ring format for the device. ​


We designed a short online survey to gather the insights we needed, with 500 respondents completing it (sourced via an online panel). To ensure our data was representative, we applied quotas to age and gender, which meant that we were able to not only use a nationally representative sample but also allowed us to inform our client whether preferences changed based on age and/or gender of the person completing the survey.

While we allowed natural fallout to take place, for Affotek, a predisposition towards certain illnesses was also captured. This allowed us to analyse within sub-groups of potential target audiences as well, without impacting on the respondents.


As with all of our research, we translated that data into an easily-digested, yet detailed PowerPoint report to allow Affotek to visualise the findings, providing them with the consumer perceptions of device formats needed to inform their product development.

To support Affotek further, we made actionable marketing recommendations to showcase how they could look to engage its target market and drive its business further.

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