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Research study into debt and suicide

MMC Research and Marketing has provided us with powerful insights on the relationship between debt and suicide contributing to the building evidence base. Across the North East, they have successfully mapped the operational service provision that provides support to people on these issues, helping to identify those services considered to be particularly effective. 

This valuable new data, insight and knowledge of best practice will be used to inform colleagues from across the region on what effective strategies and interventions they can adopt to make a difference within their communities.

While the project was commissioned pre-Covid19, the team ran the project throughout lockdown very competently, turning the delivery fully online, not least in hosting an engaging online event with over 70 people.

I would highly recommend MMC Research and Marketing to anyone wanting to gain a deeper level of public health insights within the region. A pleasure to work with.
Julie Daneshyar, Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager - North East and Yorkshire Region, Public Health England


Across the North East, there is a reassuring determination to reduce the rates of suicide, and we, at MMC Research & Marketing, were commissioned to support on a Sector Led Improvement project focussed on Suicide Prevention.  

It has long been assumed that one of the causal factors of suicide is debt. Recognising this as just an assumption, Public Health North East wished to explore the relationship between debt and suicide risk to gain a better understanding of the links between the two.  

The over-arching aim of the project was to improve the regional evidence base informing the work of all North East Local Authorities, and four distinct research objectives were identified: 

  1. to develop a better understanding of the relationship between debt and suicide 
  2. to map existing support available across the region 
  3. to identify improvement activity in the region 
  4. to share good practice across the region 


In order to meet these objectives, MMC Research & Marketing conducted three strands of research:  

  1. Local Needs Assessment 
  2. Academic Literature Review 
  3. Service Mapping (qualitative in-depth interviews governed by snowball sampling principles) 

A detailed written report was produced which clearly explained the findings of each strand of research before concluding by bringing all three strands together to produce evidence-based recommendations to improve service delivery within the North East.  

MMC also delivered an online research dissemination event, designed to give relevant professionals the opportunity to listen to a presentation of the findings, and feedback their thoughts and opinions.   


The market research conducted here will contribute to driving improvement through increased awareness of the impact of debt-related issues, increased competency of the workforce, adoption of best practices across the region, and improved service user safety. 

Importantly, this project will be the catalyst to prompt the start of inter-agency conversations.  

To read our blog about the project, visit here.


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