Consumer Research: Vibe Magazine

“We [Vibrancy Group] were delighted with the research that MMC conducted. They quickly got to grips with what we wanted to know, created a well-thought-out research methodology and delivered the insights we needed on time and on budget.

We also benefited from the marketing workshop MMC delivered at the end of the project, which helped us turn the insights from their research into an actionable plan.”
Sharon Appleby, Head of Operations, Sunderland Business Improvement District (Part of the Vibrancy Group)


The aim of the project was to conduct research on behalf of the Vibrancy Group, a group of key stakeholders who promote Sunderland as a better place to live and work, to find out if local residents still read Vibe Magazine which they produce quarterly.


To begin, we held a session with the key stakeholders to establish what they wanted to find out before formulating a research protocol. The protocol consisted of the key questions that would be asked in a survey and a topic guide for a series of focus groups. We conducted quantitative research surveys that were conducted in person at several shopping areas in Sunderland and online, promoted through Facebook sponsored posts. We were able to achieve 800 responses within a one-week time frame, and to ensure representativeness, we monitored the responses and demographics.

Emergent findings from the survey were explored through conducting focus groups with survey respondents. 

The findings of the research were then presented to the group in presentation and a comprehensive written report. 

We also conducted a marketing workshop for the key stakeholders to consider what a reimagined Vibe magazine could look like and consist of editorially. This shows our dedication to research that can be used to implement change quickly and efficiently, it also shows that we are committed to help our clients through this change process.


The successful completion of this research testifies to our ability to project manage all aspects of of a mixed-methodology research project with the general public. We also completed the project on time and on budget, with a higher number of responses than was required which shows how agile and responsive MMC can be to deadlines.

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